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Brass Accessories

We have everything from mouthpieces to oils and lubricants to keep your instrument in shape. You will also find sweet deals on all our care kits we have in stock. Remember to shop Cassandra Strings for all your brass instrument needs.

Brass Accessories

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Ultra Pure Professional...

Ultra Pure Professional Valve Oil - nontoxic, synthetic oil that provides long-lasting lubrication and can be used without worry of buildup or discoloration to valves. Comes in a 2oz bottle. 

Price $4.95

Blitz Metal Care for Silver...

Blitz Metal Care for Silver Instruments Cleaning Cloth, made of 100% cotton flannel cloth, is specially treated for the care, cleaning, and polishing of soft metal surfaces that are not coated or lacquered. Formulated to gently remove tarnish and give a brilliant lasting shine. Metal Care can be safely used on gold, silver, brass, and plated metals.

Price $6.95

Blitz Slide & Valve Care...

The Blitz Slide and Valve care cloth provides effective cleaning, extends time between cleanings, and helps make valve oil more effective by reducing tarnish build up. This care cloth was created to clean slides, valves, and tenons on any of the brass family of musical instruments. It is also appropriate to use wherever there are friction connections made of metal in a woodwind instrument. 

Price $6.95

Blitz Lacquer Instrument...

This Blitz Lacquer Instrument Cleaning Cloth has been treated to absorb moisture, remove fingerprints, remove natural oils that dull the instrument's finish, and leave behind a gentle protective shield of silicone on the surface. Blitz developed this to maintain and preserve the finish of heavily used, fine band instruments.

Price $6.95