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Who doesn't need a little help sometimes? Here is where you will find Tuners, Metronomes, String and Band Instrument Teaching Aids, and Stands. Anything that can aid in the learning or playing the instrument is what you will find. We carry tuners from Korg and Snark to Peak music stands.

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Manuscript Paper - Standard...

Very helpful for writing down melodic thoughts.  Moreover, many appear to hold musical ideas when they think of them with pencil and paper, making this journal a must.

Price $4.59

Don't Fret Fingerboard Markers

These fingerboard markers won't slip, slide, or leave a residue on the fingerboard! Teachers can use Don't Fret to shape auditory sense as well as teach intervals.

Price $6.50

Pencil Guard

Metal spring securely attaches to the lip of a metal music stand to hold your pencil right within arm's reach without making it hard to turn the page!

Price $7.99

Stringvision Bowgrip for...

Stringvision Bowgrip for Violin-Viola-Cello stretches over all sizes without removing the frog. Yes, the height of bow frogs is very consistent, (even on incremental size bows) so one size truly does fit all bows.

Price $9.99

Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid

Invented by a professional violinist and teacher, the Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid is the ultimate teaching and practice tool, designed to help beginning string students learn and practice proper left-hand wrist position.

Price $14.99

Bowright Bow Guide

The perfect tool for developing a sound violin bow technique. Stainless steel guides encourage straight bowing and correct wrist action.

Price $14.99
K&M Flute Stand
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K&M Flute Stand

Stable and practical stand for Böhm/Cross Flutes. The base and instrument holder, 0.708", are made out of durable plastic.  The three robust steel tube legs, 0.393", are collapsible for easy and compact transport.

Price $16.99

Snark ST-8 Clip-On Super...

Snark ST-8 Clip-On Super Tight Chromatic Tuner -- Includes a faster processing chip, enhanced accuracy, and new high definition screen that can be read from any angle.

Price $17.95
K&M Violin and Ukulele...
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K&M Violin and Ukulele...

Perfect Presentation! The display stand is ideally suited for small string instruments, such as violins and ukuleles. The compact design of the stand places the instrument front and center. This is the best possible way to put the focus on your instrument. Be it at a music store, at an exhibition, or at home, your instrument is always the center of attention on this attractive display stand. The body of the instrument rests on rubberized support arms, ensuring that the instrument finish is protected. A solid four point support system and three cross struts ensure sold and stable footing. For storage and transport, the extremely light stand folds to a small compact size.

Price $17.99