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Bow rosin is an essential accessory for all bowed stringed instruments such as violins, violas and cellos and bass. Equip your instrument with the right accessories needed to perform at your peak levels. Bow Rosin from Andrea and Jade to Hill and more can be found here.

Bow Rosin

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Sherman Bass Rosin

Popular and economical, Sherman Rosin has long been the choice of many in the industry. Consists of a dark, 2" cake in a wood holder, specifically formulated for string basses. Made in the USA.

Price $5.49

Hidersine Bow Rosin for...

Hidersine 1V/C Violin/Viola or Cello Rosin - designed specifically for violin/viola or cello and made to the original recipe using a unique blend of waxes and resins.

Price $6.50

AB Bow Rosin for...

AB Bow Rosin for Violin-Viola-Cello is a dark rosin. In the late 1800's, Miss Amy Birch (AB) cultivated a rosin for her own personal use.

Price $7.20

D'Addario Kaplan Premium Rosin

Premium rosin comes connected to a plastic case for simple storage and protection. Simple turn handle on bottom prevents a notch in the cake and enables you to utilize each and every piece of rosin. Accessible in light and dark.

Price $8.49

Bernardel Rosin For...

Perfectly homogeneous, it does not stick neither does it powder. The attack of the string is very clear and precise. The sound is easy to produce and control. Thanks to its specific treatments, Gustave BERNARDEL rosin is ideal for any kind of weather.

Price $8.99

Pops Bass Bow Rosin for...

The Pops Bass Bow Rosin for Double Bass was created by Len "Pops" Manno, who played double bass with the Houston Symphony for 41 years.

Our most popular bass rosin

Price $9.99