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String Instrument Parts

String Instruments Parts | Cassandra Strings, Inc.

String Instrument Parts For Sale

Equip your instrument with the right accessories needed to perform at peak levels. String Accessories from chinrests to bridges to fine tuners and more can be found here.

String Instrument Parts

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Despiau Superieur Blank...

Despiau Superieur Blank Viola Bridge -- Blank bridge designed to be cut to fit your instrument. Must be professionally installed by a trained luthier. V13 Cut.

Price $5.95

Otto Musica Composite...

The new OTTO Musica Composite Tailpiece features a carbon composite tailpiece, designed to be lightweight and reliable. They are made in Taiwan to our exacting specifications. All our tailpieces feature our special braided steel tail gut, which can hold up to two times the tensile strength of the strings. The carbon composite tailpiece is available in fractional sizes for violin, viola, and cello.

Price $11.00

Wittner Ultra Composite...

The Wittner Ultra Composite Tailpiece for Violin is made of a lightweight composite. Complete with 4 string adjusters, black screws, and nylon tailgut. 

Price $20.35