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Cello Strings are an essential accessory for all Cellos.  Equip you instrument with the right accessories needed to perform at your peak levels. Cello strings from Sets and singles to name brands such as Larsen, Helicore and more can be found here.

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  • D'Addario Prelude Cello...


    D'Addario Prelude Cello Strings are manufactured using a solid steel core. Unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, they have excellent bow response. Prelude strings have the warmest sound available in an affordable, solid steel core string design. Prelude is the educator's preferred choice for student strings due to their unique blend of warm tone, durability, and value.

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  • Larsen Soloist Cello Strings


    The Larsen Soloist A and D strings are wound with a special precision rolled stainless steel flat wire, and the G string is wound with tungsten, providing a deep, warm, and focused sound with great power and personality.

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  • Jargar Cello Strings


    The Classic string is made of a flexible steel core which gives it the warm and brilliant Jargar sound.

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  • D'Addario Helicore Cello...


    Helicore cello strings are crafted with a multi-stranded steel core, resulting in optimal playability while producing a clear, warm tone. The smaller string diameter provides quick bow response. Premium quality materials combined with skilled workmanship produces strings known for excellent pitch stability and longevity.

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  • Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore...


    Spirocore strings, widely recognized as “the reference standard”, are renowned for their distinctive tone and playability.

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  • D'Addario Kaplan Cello...


    Kaplan cello strings are aimed at the most discerning orchestral musicians. Kaplan strings offer a rich tonal color palette and superb bowing response in a beautifully balanced set. The set provides clarity and warmth from low to high registers and allows versatility and control throughout the dynamic spectrum.

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  • Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Cello...


    These strings offer excellent responsiveness and control across the whole dynamic range, from pianissimo to fortissimo, along with great brilliance based on a warm core sound. 

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  • Larsen Original Cello Strings


    Larsen Cello Strings, specifically, A and D strings are wound with a special precision rolled stainless steel flat wire. Meanwhile, the G and C strings are wound with tungsten, providing a deep, warm and focused sound with great power and personality.

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  • Pirastro Perpetual...


    Pirastro Perpetual Edition Cello Strings are the most power-packed strings in the Pirastro lineup. Tone by tone, the shine of this new string radiates into the room without sounding metallic or sharp. Like having a palette in their hands, the Perpetual Edition provides the musicians with every tonal color from a focused bright sound to a room filling warmth which is like a hug for the music enthusiast. With their sonority, volume, and flexibility, the new Perpetual Edition fulfills the player's desire for projection in an impressive way while maintaining an inspiring light playability. The Perpetual Edition strings offer an exceptionally nice bow resistance which results in a very fast and direct response, especially on the lower strings.

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  • Pirastro Perpetual Cello...


    Perpetual strings are characterized by great flexibility and an extraordinary tonal spectrum: from a sweet, warm tone to sheer endless power – everything is possible. The sound is like a large house with plenty of room for individual design. At the same time the tone is focused and clear, the most delicate touches are instantly audible and the base warmth always present. The natural qualities and timbre of each cello are enhanced by the strings’ great dynamics and intensity.

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  • Larsen Magnacore Arioso Cello String Set product_img
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    Larsen Magnacore Arioso...


    The Larsen Magnacore Arioso Cello Strings G and C have now been joined by the Arioso A and D to complete the Magnacore Arioso set. Experience a new freedom of expression without a compromise in power. These strings are well suited to both older Italian as well as modern instruments. 

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  • Larsen Magnacore Cello Strings


    Larsen Magnacore Cello Strings are the perfected set: An extremely well balanced set for the professional cellist offering a charismatic sound with an almost endless palette of colors. 

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