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Technique Books for String Players

There are quite a few string technique books out there to choose from. Some of the more popular ones are listed here. If you are looking for a specific product and cannot find it on our website, please email or call us for further assistance.

Technique Books

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Essentials of Music Theory...

Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory is designed for students of any age, whether listeners or performers, who want to have a better understanding of the language of music.

Price $6.99

Beautiful Music for Two...

Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments- Book 1 is arranged for two violin, two violas, two cellos, or two basses.

Composed by Samuel Applebaum. Duet or Duo; Solo Small Ensembles; String Orchestra Method/Supplement. Book. 32 pages. 

Price $7.95

Duets For All

Duets for All enables any two instruments to play duets. Not only may two like-instruments such as two flutes play together, but two dissimilar instruments such as violin and tuba may perform all of the duets.

Price $7.99

Dotzauer Exercises for...

Dotzauer Exercises for Violincello Book 1 is an incredible exercise book for cellists. It is a classic and fundamental for all serious cello students. A must have!

Price $8.99

Klengel Technical Studies...

Klengel Technical Studies for Cello are great technical exercises for the high school cello student! Volume 1 covers scales and arpeggios in two, three, and four octaves. The scales are also presented in broken thirds, and with multiple bowing patterns for well-rounded practice. This item is a Schirmer edition.

Price $9.99

Solos for Young Cellists

Solos for Young Cellist is a graded series of works ranging from elementary to advanced levels representing an exciting variety of styles and techniques.

Price $13.99