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Saxophones For Sale

Below is a list of saxophones we have for sale at this time. Our step up inventory includes all sorts of makes, models and price lines and compliments the growing ability of the student to the professional.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please give us a call or shoot us an email. Were pretty sure we can find what you are looking for.

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  • Pegasus Marseille Alto...


    The playability of this instrument is surpassed by no other student Alto Saxophone. The extra bracing adds the durability needed for a beginning student and the performance allows for long term success for the intermediate and advanced student.

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  • EK Blessing BAS-1287 Alto...


    In the Blessing tradition, the BAS-1287 Eb Alto Saxophone design keeps the long-term goals of the beginning saxophonist in mind. Durable, economical, and ergonomic in construction, the BAS-1287 offers the quick response, intonation, and tone usually found on more expensive instruments. With the range from low Bb to high F#, the BAS-1287 allows room for musical advancement and could take a beginner from grades 5-12.

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  • EK Blessing BTS-1287 Tenor Saxophone product_img
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    EK Blessing BTS-1287 Tenor...


    Designed for durability but not at the expense of playability, the Blessing BTS-1287 Tenor Sax will keep a student interested in developing their skills from elementary school through high school. The BTS-1287 is a perfect place to start and grow. It has a solid feel and is easy to play providing the excellent intonation, quick response and the classic sound associated with higher-end models. With professional-style key work, a high F# option and adjustable thumb rest, the BTS-1287 is a competitive student saxophone at an affordable price.

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  • EK Blessing BBS-1287 Baritone Saxophone product_img
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    EK Blessing BBS-1287...


    If you are looking for a well-built, economical baritone saxophone for the school band, the Blessing BBS-1287 Bari is what you will need. Reliable and substantial, the BBS-1287 offers professional features with a range from low A key to high F#. Most importantly, the sound is rich and resonant with solid intonation. The Blessing BBS-1287 is ideal for your first “Bari” or for a doubler to anchor a woodwind section.

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