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French Horns

French Horns for Sale | Cassandra Strings, Inc.

French Horns For Sale

Below is a list of french horns we have for sale at this time.  Our step up inventory includes all sorts of makes, models and price lines and compliments the growing ability of the student to the professional.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please give us a call or shoot us an email. Were pretty sure we can find what you are looking for.

French Horns

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EK Blessing BFH-1287 Single...

Rich in the low and mid ranges, the Blessing BFH-1287 single F horn features a classic, natural horn sound. Single horns are used for beginning students and usually rented. Because there is less tubing than a double horn, a single horn weighs considerably less and is much easier for a child to manage. Ideal for a first-time student who is beginning French horn, the Blessing BFH-1287 is both economical and easy to play.

Price $1,895.00

EK Blessing BFH-1297 Double...

Countless band programs now start students on a double horn because it affords players greater accuracy and improved stability in the upper register. Designed for the beginning student, the BFH-1297 is responsive with excellent intonation and versatility in tone color, which is critical for the developing hornist. The Geyer wrap provides a freer blowing instrument which allows for a bigger sound. In the Blessing tradition, the BFH-1297 offers maximum playability at an affordable price.

Price $2,545.00
EK Blessing BFH-1461N String Linkage Nickel Double French Horn
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EK Blessing BFH-1461N...

Designed with the advanced student in mind, the EK Blessing BFH-1461N String Linkage Nickel Double French Horn offers features preferred by a generation of American horn players.

Price $2,699.00