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Flute Cases | Cassandra Strings, Inc.

Flute Cases

Flute Cases For Sale

Finding the right flute case can be an exhausting search. There are so many styles, shapes, weights, and colors. But there are a few necessities that every case should have: protection, storage and balance. We carry a variety of cases that can fit the flute player's needs. Whether you are looking for a particular color or shape, we have them. Check out our variety of Flute Cases and Gig Bags.

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  • MTS Products Plastic Flute...


    MTS Products Plastic Flute Case-Light weight molded case

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  • Reunion Blues RBX Flute Case


    Reunion Blues RBX Flute Case. Reunion Blues has been making the world's best gig bags for almost 40 years, and the new Reunion Blues RBX Flute Case line represents a fusion of our passion for quality and the desire to make an affordable, lightweight, and protective case, perfect for musicians on the go.

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