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Woodwind Instruments

We carry clarinets, flutes, oboes and alto saxes.  All from trusted brands like Blessing, Buffet, Geimenhardt and Pegasus.

Most of our stock is new, however, we do occasionally get that used one that we restore and price at a discounted price. Check back often as our stock does turn frequently.

Woodwind Instruments

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Gemeinhardt 2sp Student Flute

Constructed for durability, Gemeinhardt student flutes provide years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance. Young players benefit from Gemeinhardt's sure, even response. Gemeinhardt flutes offer beginning players exceptionally reliable intonation with minimal effort.

Price $479.00
EK Blessing BPC-1287 ABS Piccolo
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EK Blessing BPC-1287 ABS...

A preferred choice by educators, the new Blessing BPC-1287 is ideal for a student’s first piccolo. Our BPC-1287 Piccolo is the perfect option for both stage or field performance. It is reliable, built to withstand the rigors of a school music program. It meets expectations for intonation and playability, providing a bright, clear tone at forte or a delicate, light, sweet sound at lower dynamic levels. ‘Stars and Stripes’ never sounded so good.

Price $865.00
EK Blessing BCL-1287 ABS Clarinet
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EK Blessing BCL-1287 ABS...

For generations, Blessing has been a name music teachers trust for a quality student instrument. Our Blessing BCL-1287 Bb Clarinet is no exception. The BCL-1287 has features found on the best student clarinets. It is responsive and easy to play, which allows for a focused, strong characteristic sound. A durable ABS plastic resin body and sturdy key mechanism make this clarinet a top choice for the musical demands of a beginner.

Price $1,045.00

EK Blessing BFL-1287 C Foot...

The new Blessing BFL-1287 Flute is designed to perform and provides both the durability and playability for a young player to succeed. Standard configuration; closed hole, offset G key, and C foot makes this instrument easier to learn for a beginner. Reliable and responsive, the BFL-1287 has a very even scale with a rich, brilliant, colorful sound. It would be an excellent way to start a musical career.

Price $1,045.00

Pegasus Montpellier Clarinet

Modeled after the classic French made clarinets, your student is sure to succeed with this well constructed clarinet. Its 64.5 mm barrel helps the beginning student with the intonation, while allowing room to grow for the advanced student. Keyed to Bb. ABS resin with matte finish. Nickel plated keys.

Price $1,061.34

Pegasus Marseille Alto...

The playability of this instrument is surpassed by no other student Alto Saxophone. The extra bracing adds the durability needed for a beginning student and the performance allows for long term success for the intermediate and advanced student.

Price $1,500.00
Armstrong 800 Series Intermediate Flute
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Armstrong 800 Series...

The Armstrong 800 Series Intermediate Flute is based on the 303 series but offers step-up options, putting it a level above. 

Price $1,889.00
Selmer CL201 Bb Student Clarinet
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Selmer CL201 Bb...

The Selmer CL201 Bb Intermediate Clarinet is a perfect step-up instrument for the student looking for a wood instrument. 

Price $2,099.00