Derwent Angier Violin c1984


Derwent Angier Violin, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1984

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This violin was hand crafted by Derwent Angier in 1984 for Guarneri House Violins in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This violin is still in mint condition with almost no wear and no cracks.


Derwent Angier
at Guarneri House
Grand Rapids, Michigan
No. 66     1984

This violin has a unique setup that is visible in these photos.  It came to us with 3 boxwood pegs with Ebony collars and pins, and one with a white collar and pin.  The Hill-style Boxwood tailpiece has a white saddle with kevlar rope tailwire, and a boxwood button with a white pin to match.  Ebony Chinrest.  Set up with high quality Thomastick-Infeld Rondo violin strings, and completely restored and tonally adjusted by our repair and restoration staff.  We chose to keep the fittings as is, to add a little mystique to the instrument.

This unique violin has a sweet, even tone, perfect for any orchestral player. Stop in to take a look and try it out!


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Solid Carved Spruce
Solid Carved Maple
Country of Origin
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

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