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Realist is a manufacturer of amplification products for string instruments.

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Realist Acoustic Violin...

Realist Acoustic Violin Pick-up has been specially designed to reproduce the natural acoustic sound of your violin. No pre-amp necessary, and easy installation.

Price $219.99

Realist Acoustic Bass...

Realist Acoustic Bass Transducer is a pickup designed by bass luthier David Gage in collaboration with Ned Steinberger of NS Design and rest between the bridge feet and the bass top, which puts it exactly were the sound is transferred from the strings to the sound board

Price $219.99

Realist Sound Clip Acoustic...

Realist Sound Clip Acoustic Violin Transducer The Realist Sound Clip was designed by David Gage in collaboration with Ned Steinberger. It clamps easily to any violin or viola and offers incomparable tonal clarity,

Price $269.99

Realist Sound Clip Acoustic...

Realist Sound Clip Acoustic Bass Transducer. The Sound Clip is a unique pickup designed for traveling bassists or for those who want to use a pickup only when they are using an amp. It's small enough to fit into your shirt pocket yet it enables you to contour the tone of any bass using its innovative variable weight system

Price $419.99