Artino Wooden Rockstop for Cello

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SP-20R Artino Wooden Rockstop for Cello

  • 5 positions
  • Two chair leg anchor positions
  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Walnut Finish
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The Otto Musica Artino Wooden Rockstop for Cello consists of an adjustable webbed strap with a rosewood cello floor on one end, and a 2-hole wood piece for the chair leg on the other. The cello floor has 5 dimples which will accommodate a bare endpin tip. If you have a New Harmony endpin tip, you can stick your endpin anywhere in the wood for quick micro-adjustments. The 2 holes on the other end allow for quick length adjustments by lifting the chair leg and placing it in the alternate hole. This is a good choice for cellists who prefer the endpin resting on wood rather than carpet, brass cups or plastic rockstops.

New product

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