Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it better to rent or buy?

The decision to rent or buy an instrument for many parents or adults has many pros and cons. We have included below a list that should be thought through before purchasing.

  • You are not sure how long the student will play.  A good idea for students and adults who have never played before or who have taken a long break from playing is to rent. This ensures a commitment is made before purchasing a pricey instrument.
  • Renting lets you exchange sizes as the child grows without having to purchase and sell instruments along the way.   
  • Many rental programs have a knowledgeable staff with qualified luthiers to maintain the rental instruments.
  • Most rental programs have a maintenance & repair option that covers damage and theft. Let's face it, most beginners can be a little careless about the expensive instrument they are in charge of. With instruments being foreign in their hand's accidents are bound to happen.
  • Low-quality instruments are abundant on the internet and can be tempting to purchase. Most will need repair work or set up to even begin using. This can be costly on top of the purchase. If you need to switch sizes you are doing this all over again. Most shops will have quality instruments to rent
  • Many shops will have special discounts given to the renter for the purchase of an instrument. 

What size should I get? (orchestra instruments only)

Most teachers will measure students prior to any registration process, so be sure to follow their recommendation.  We will also gladly measure your child in one of our stores. If your student grows during the summer or somehow the instrument is not the right size, there is no need to worry.  As part of the string rental program, We will provide your student with the next size at no additional charge. Need Help Sizing? Click Here!

Why do I need to buy a stand? 

The stand is used to practice at home, and help with your student's posture when reading music. It is a required accessory according to most teachers.

What is covered by the Maintenance Plan? 

As long as your account is current, our maintenance and replacement (or M&R) plan will cover the renter against non-negligent damage that may affect the playing condition of the instrument.  For only a few dollars each month, this will give you a little peace of mind that everything below will be included for both you and your child. 

  • Orchestra Rentals: breakage of strings, bow re-hairs, free periodic check-ups/minor adjustments, and any normal wear and tear that can happen to the instrument. This fee also covers you in case of theft. 
  • Band Rentals: free periodic checkups/minor adjustments, and any normal wear and tear that can happen to the instrument. This fee also covers you in case of theft.

What does the rental come with?

  • Orchestra Rentals: Instrument, Case, Bow (Accessories available for purchase at a discounted price)
  • Band Rentals: Instrument, Mouthpiece, Ligature (if applicable), Case (Accessories available for purchase at a discounted price)

Why do you need so much information to rent an instrument?

Because we are extending credit for the instrument without doing an actual credit check, we are requiring all the information to secure our property while you’re renting. 

How do the monthly payments work? 

Payments will be made automatically from the credit/debit card or checking account that we have on file either on the 1st or 15th of every month.

Does any of the money go towards the purchase of an instrument? 

Cassandra Strings offers a matched credit accrual program for our customers. 100% of all accumulated rental payments ( excluding M&R and late fees) will be given a matched credit that can be applied to the purchase of a new or reconditioned, like, instrument from our showroom. ( ex violin rental to violin purchase). This credit is available for 30 days after the return of the rental instrument. 

Do we buy the instrument my child is using?

Our Rentals are not for purchase, however, you can choose a brand new or reconditioned full-size instrument when you decide to purchase.

What if my child doesn’t want to be in orchestra or band anymore? 

You can return the instrument at any time since you are on a month-to-month contract. Please note, you must contact us directly to notify us about the return. If your student attends a school we deliver to, we can make arrangements to pick the instrument up. Before returning consider if your child might be interested in switching to a different instrument.

Can I give my payment to the Band/Orchestra Teacher?

Unfortunately, teachers are not involved in the collection of rental fees.

Can we switch instruments?

Yes, as long as you check with your teacher first. Different rental prices will be charged accordingly.

What do we do if music classes become remote?

Everyone is encouraged to keep their instrument if the music classes become remote. Most remote learning plans include continuing music instruction in the districts we work with. This is also a wonderful time to have extra moments to practice at home and play for pure enjoyment and relaxation. 

Why should we keep the instrument for the summer?

We always encourage keeping the instrument over the summer so you can practice, continue to progress, and prevent losing all the technique and muscle memory gained throughout the year. There is usually some kind of summer program offered or private lessons available in your area.  Once the instrument is returned, your account will close and you will forfeit any accumulated matched credit available towards purchase. You would begin again at zero in the fall which is why keeping your instrument is highly recommended.  If you do not want to continue orchestra or band after summer, then yes, you can return the instrument. You must contact Cassandra Strings to arrange for return of the instrument at your school, or just bring it to one of our locations. Instruments are not picked up unless we have been notified by the renter and no instrument should be assumed returned unless you have received a return receipt. Rent is charged as long as you have the instrument, whether you use it or not.