Repair & Restoration

Cassandra Strings offers complete repair and restoration services for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass. We have been serving the Northwest Chicago area since 1994 and have over 45 years of repair and restoration experience. Cassandra Thuneman has studied under the tutelage of master luthiers continuously since her interest in string repairs began, and has passed down her knowledge and skills to her own shop staff. Cassandra Strings staff demonstrate their dedication to offering instrument repairs and restorations of the highest quality every day. Our shop staff have the unique ability to handle not only simple repairs quickly and efficiently but also the complex with an eye for detail. Cassandra Strings is not happy until the client is completely satisfied!

Cassandra Strings services include but are not limited to:
CS Cello Repair

    • Estimates 
    • Bow Rehairs
    • Component Pricing
    • Insurance Appraisals
    • Repairs and Restoration
    • Specification & Measurement Documentation

Purfling Install Violin

Be sure to contact Cassandra Strings for the following repair and restoration matters. We will be able to provide pricing estimates based on the work needed.

    • Strings
    • Neck Reset
    • Soundpost Setting 
    • Fingerboard Shaping
    • Bow Rehair and RepairViolin Touch-up
    • Internal Structural Defects
    • Cracks and Broken Instruments
    • Partial or Complete Restoration Including Varnish
    • Impediments Such as Buzzing or Vibrations
    • Identifying Problems with Sound & Playability