Realist Acoustic Cello Pick-up
  • Realist Acoustic Cello Pick-up

Realist Acoustic Cello Pick-up

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Realist Acoustic Cello Acoustic Cello Transducer is designed to reproduce the natural acoustic sound on your cello. 

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Designed by luthier David Gage in collaboration with Ned Steinberger of NS Design, the Realist Acoustic Cello Pick-up rests between the bridge feet and the cello top. It's put exactly where the sound is transferred from the strings to the sound board resulting in a rich, powerful response, both pizzicato and bowed.

It's mounting hardware is extremely compact and with a high output gain and requires no external pre-amp. The copper foil sandwich construction provides total shielding to eliminate hum from light fixtures and other electrical or radio interference.

Includes a Planet Waves cable.


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