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pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet


pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet is the world’s first ever fully plastic trumpet – a fully functioning Bb trumpet, designed in the UK for musicians by musicians. It comes in its own smart gig bag along with a 3c and 5c mouthpiece.

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pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet is the world’s first ever fully plastic trumpet


pTrumpet is a truly authentic musical instrument that has sparked a revolution in the way the music industry thinks about trumpets.


pTrumpet is the only trumpet with a fully plastic valve system, which we have designed and developed to create unrivalled lightness, durability and sound quality.


pTrumpet is less than half the weight of a brass trumpet, so it’s ideal for the younger player and for all those who may have difficulty with the weight and balance.


Its unrivaled price enables everyone to enjoy the quality of an equivalent metal instrument at a third of the cost. The perfect starter instrument.


The plastic mouthpieces are especially designed for the pTrumpet. Comes with both a 3C and 5C pTrumpet mouthpiece, you can also use any standard metal trumpet mouthpiece in the pTrumpet.

Adjustable Tuning Slides

The all-plastic main, first and third valve tuning slides give you the flexibility of tuning.

BioCote Protection

Incorporates patented anti-microbial technology from BioCote, which provides the highest standards of protection.


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