CodaBow Prodigy Viola Bow
  • CodaBow Prodigy Viola Bow

CodaBow Prodigy Viola Bow

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CodaBow Prodigy Viola Bow-Carbon Kevlar Acoustic Core

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Using advanced technology, the new CodaBow Prodigy Viola Bow has been designed to give select professional characteristics at an incredibly low cost. True to its name, the Prodigy delivers a gifted performance. Accurately built to provide select professional characteristics at a unbelievable price, the Prodigy boasts exceptional performance for intermediate to advanced students. The dynamically balanced shaft offers off-string agility usually held for superior bows while also providing the on-string forgiveness and comfort desired by young players.

CodaBow models featuring GlobalBow technology contain no endangered, regulated, or monitored species (wildlife or fauna)With GlobalBow models, players avoid the travel worries due to CITES regulations of traditional bows.

As the world's most prominent and trusted alternative to frog ebony, Xebony superior composite offers a dependable and attractive solution to the world's endangered ebony supply. Comprised of natural and advanced fibers and engineered resin, Xebony boasts a deep, rich gloss and natural feel that inspires players and makers alike. These elegant designs are unrivaled in their performance and reliability and will allow your CodaBow to cross any border on the globe. Available in 3/4 and full sizes


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