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Pedi Violin Case
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Pedi NiteFlash Oblong Violin Case


Stronger than a plywood case,

lighter than a foam case...

The Pedi Violin Case is not just a lightweight case. Pedi's patented "Steel Shield Protection Structure" provides extreme durability and superb pressure resistance up to 175lbs.

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Pedi Violin Case Model 51150

  • Patented design innovations

  • Highest quality bow-holders
  • Improved interior top pillow

  • Patented "Steel Shield" structure

  • Music pocket with extra pocket for pencils, phones etc.

  • Unique hidden ultra light, ergonomically designed backpack straps that fold away when not needed

  • Dimensions: 11" wide, 31 1/4" long, 6 1/2" high

  • Available in black, red, blue, brown, & olive green exterior

  • Interior color is gray

  • Weighs just over 5.5lbs

Less expensive doesn’t always mean less functionality. The interior is equipped with two small and one large accessory compartment, a humidifier tube, and two leather-lined bow holders. The interior lining features an ultra-soft suede-style microfiber fabric which perfectly complements Pedi's "added safety" suspension system. Having a shoulder strap and a backpack system can be a great asset in our daily commute.  But keeping unnecessary straps dangling around can not only be a minor annoyance, but also lead to unexpected accidents.  The backpack system of the Pedi Model 51150 can be stowed and concealed completely when not in use.The Pedi Model 51150 is not just a basic case. The oversized music pocket has an added accessory pocket that fits anything from a pencil to a smartphone . The front guard flap is magnetized and the exterior fabric's water resistance combines with the shell material to help keep unwanted moisture away from the instrument


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